4 Restaurants in New York You Should Visit

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4 Restaurants in New York You Should Visit

New York can sometimes be considered the capital of the world. With its staggering population, it is definitely a city that should be visited at least once in everyone’s lives. If you are considering visiting it soon, and are wondering where you can get some nice food and drinks to compliment your stay, then we have a few restaurants that you should visit while you are in the great Big Apple.

Keens Steakhouse

We start off strong with one of the New York’s oldest and best steakhouses. The Manhattan area is graced with this fine institution which is located on 36th street ever since 1885. Once you book the reservation here you want to try its mutton chop. Other than that, it has a fine selection of wines, cocktails, and anything else you might need to have a perfect wine and dine experience.

La Caverna

Let’s spice up the list a bit with some unusual places that can be found in the Big Apple. While this list can be pretty long on its own, we just want to mention the La Caverna which is basically a restaurant inside a big cavern. While you are inside this particular restaurant you will have a feeling like you are in the mountains and definitely not in one of the busiest cities in the world. Cocktails are amazing here and you won’t regret coming here one bit. They are certainly one of the most popular Restaurants in Astoria Queens.

Please Don’t Tell

If you know the first rule of fight club (which is to not talk about fight club) you are pretty much aware that we have to break that rule here as the name of the restaurant is Please Don’t Tell, but we have to! In order to really feel the local vibe, you have to visit some restaurants that have been here long enough and that are accepted by the city locals. Please, Don’t Tell is a reservation-based restaurant so don’t think you can just walk in and order food whenever you want.

please dont tell

However, if you do manage to score a reservation you will be entering the restaurant through a secret phone booth where after you get inside you have to try the cocktails and anything made out of beef!

Katz’s Delicatessen

Kats has been a local restaurant ever since 1888. Visiting this restaurant will leave the best taste of pastrami in the whole world, imbedded in your brain and nowhere will pastrami taste the same ever again. The style of this old-school restaurant is similar to the cafeteria and the prices are not that high either. But there are some amazing items on the list as it can be speculated by just reading the name of this fine restaurant.

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