Best Japanese Restaurants in Phoenix Arizona

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Best Japanese Restaurants in Phoenix Arizona

When you hear the term Japanese food, you probably picture some sushi or soya sauce. The reality is that Japanese food has a wide range of recipes and tastes, they are not only about rice and raw fish.

If you ever find yourself in Phoenix Arizona, and if you are into Japanese foods, picking the right restaurant for your taste can be a bit difficult because you can find hundreds of them on the map. But which ones are worth it and which ones are not? Well, we’ll give you a list of the restaurants we feel bring the real taste of Japan.

1. Sushi Ken

Even though the name of this place has the word sushi in it, the restaurant is most famous for their amazing selection of ramen. Those who like spicy food can try their spicy miso ramen if they are brave enough because the dish is really hot. If you’re not into that, try a bowl of floating noodles served with a fantastic broth rich in soft, juicy pieces of grilled pork. The lunch specials are even better. As far as Japanese restaurant phoenix goes, this is one of our favorite places by far.

2. Fujiya Market

The Japanese traditional lunch is called Bento and Fujiya Market serves the best recipes. They put stuff like curry and rice, nuggets made out of fried chicken and dipped in a spicy sauce, rice balls with salmon, and so on. The bento lunch is sold in most stores all over Japan.


The owner of the restaurant has been cooking healthy and diverse food for more than 30 years. During the lunch hour, the Fujiya Market is packed and his hands are full. This is a place for those who like to taste real Japanese traditional food.

3. Noodle bar

Some people are just crazy about noodles and that can be said for the owners of this place. They serve all types of noodles and pasta, which can be a lifesaver if you want to go out for lunch with someone that doesn’t like Japanese food. You can eat traditional noodles while your friends stick to what they know best – Italian food.

noodle bar phoenix

Even though the restaurant serves mixed food, it is still genuine. The Japanese dishes are prepared by a chef from Japan, so you won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure. Check out the entire menu of this downtown Phoenix restaurant and try some of their specialties.

4. Roka Akor

If you want to enjoy food that’s totally different from what you’re used to, Roka Akor is just the place for you. The food in this restaurant is prepared under the sun on a robata grill. Every single dish looks like nothing you’ve seen before, and it tastes even better. Their menu offers less exclusive food than some other Japanese restaurants in Phoenix, but if you are a fan of omakase, and if you don’t have money issues, give this place a try. You will certainly love it.

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