Rainer Schaller – Owner and CEO of the RSG Group LLC

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Rainer Schaller – Owner and CEO of the RSG Group LLC

Within the last twenty years, Rainer Schaller has succeeded in turning the once “open-to-all fitness center” into a globally operating business with more than 5,000 workers at roughly 300 locations in 48 countries.

He began his career by training as a retail salesman and later took on a franchise from Edeka before opening his first gym in Würzburg, Germany, in 1997. In contrast to the wellness trends that predominated during that time, he initiated the discount principle within the fitness business, setting it with fantastic success. Rainer Schaller has continuously developed his organization and built up more than ten brands covering “360 degrees around the consumer.”

“Now also in Würzburg” – this marketing move having a banana as the mascot was how Schaller started his very first McFIT gym in 1997. This was followed by the foundation of the business headquarters in Schlüsselfeld, Franconia, shortly afterward.

After just nine years, the McFIT fitness center chains boasted the maximum number of members in Germany with 416,000 in 2006. In 2007, McFIT opened its own Creative Office in Berlin. In precisely the same year, McFIT took over its most important rival, Fit24. Back in 2011, McFIT welcomed its 1,000,000th member and also became Europe’s number 1 gym chain.

In his own training, Schaller always places great focus on supreme quality sports nutrition, and it was this that motivated him to create Qi² Sports Nutrition in 2013. Nowadays, the magazine appears in digital format under the name LOOX, and in the form of an app that gives over 300 perfect plans to accommodate almost any training goals and any training levels. The magazine’s enormous success inspired Rainer Schaller to further use the potential of the community, and in 2014, McFIT MODELS was set as the largest sports model agency in Europe, under the motto “Jeder kann es schaffen” (“Anyone can do it”).

HIGH5, a new training concept in the American vintage and college design and style, with a focus on functional training, was launched in 2015.

CYBEROBICS, the new dimension virtual course training with the greatest coaches in the United States at breathtaking initial locations, was created in 2016. (Recently, the 1UP FITNESS changed its name into RSG North America).

At exactly the same year, JOHN REED, the globe’s first Fitness Music Clubs that combine a unique mixture of music, design, along with fitness, were opened. The unique JOHN REED style, which combines elements from different cultures, periods in history, and the street art of urban metropolises, is based on the impressions Rainer Schaller gained during his journeys.

In 2017, the worldwide TIGERPOOL management agency was set up. The JOHN REED Family continues to grow: the very first JOHN REED Women’s Club was opened in 2017 in Berlin and awed the clientele with a gigantic range of training courses in Scandinavian feel-good design.

Vito Scavo took over the core operating business from Rainer Schaller in the same year and became an equal partner of McFIT in Italy. McFIT GLOBAL GROUP became RSG Group in 2019. With its own strong brands and innovative concepts, the RSG Group is still a vital part of the busy daily lifestyles of its clients. Its ideas and their understanding constantly set new benchmarks.

At the Berlinale in 2019, Schaller presented his newest brand, Steven Baker, that features cake creations with a focus on”guilt-free pleasure.” Together with JOHN & JANE’s, Schaller is introducing Germany to a global sport and lifestyle trend: boutique fitness.

In 2022, the world’s first center for fitness – THE MIRAI – will open in Oberhausen, covering 55,000 square meters, unrivaled in its capacity to bring the joy of movement for a countless number of people – with a revolutionary concept without a monthly membership fee. By joining industry and people, THE MIRAI will make it possible for anyone who is interested to train and
experience the future of the fitness industry in the here and now. As a year-round platform, THE MIRAI unites the fitness business, B2B partners, education, and training institutes, as well as development and research.

In addition, THE MIRAI will also offer an exceptional number of training options: whether indoor or outdoor, for seniors or children, alone or within a group, strength or movement, on the ground or in the air, on the entire world’s largest sky run – it’s an ideal offer for everybody.

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